A CMU Engagement

Going back to your old college campus is always a surreal experience. The nostalgia is strong and everything seems like it happened just last week instead of 4 years ago. Time has both stopped and sped by far too quickly. Such it was when I went back to Central Michigan University’s campus earlier this fall with Jessica and Alex for their engagement shoot. Jessica and Alex both are CMU Alumni and when they mentioned wanting to go back to campus for the photos I could not wait. I had so much fun with this couple running around taking photos and reliving old memories. Thank you guys for letting me be apart of it!



Return of the Movie Poster

As you may recall a while back I had the privilege of  recreating movie posters with a great couple for their wedding. Liz and Paul are huge movie buffs and decided to include this on their special day. We spent the summer running around Michigan recreating the posters from their favorite movies to use as the table centerpieces at the reception. 2 years later and they decided to add another poster to their collection. The production time on this one? Nine Months. _dsc0056

Halstead Wedding

This past weekend I had the pleasure to photograph the Halstead wedding at Camp Grayling. I had met the bride while in college where we were both members of the swing dance club. The day was so enjoyable and the setting of Camp Grayling afforded us many beautiful spaces for outdoor photos. I’m still working through the photos but I wanted to share a few that I’ve edited.

Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

In September I had the opportunity to spend some time visiting my brother out in Boston. The trip was fantastic and I got the chance to see a lot of amazing things but the highlight was taking part in The 2015 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. The DGR, as it’s known for short, is a charity event that takes place in different cities around the globe each year to raise money to help fund the cure for prostate cancer. Vintage motorcycle enthusiasts raise money leading up to the event and on September 27th gather in their sharpest duds and ride en masse throughout the city. My brother was one of the ride captains and helped to organize the event. His college roommate and I rode along in the support truck behind the riders. It was an amazing day and fun way to raise money for a worthy charity. If you’d like to learn more about the DGR check them out at http://www.gentlemansride.com/ and look for a ride in your area.


Dennis Wedding

I recently had a the honor of photographing the wedding of a friend. Nicole and I knew each other from Central and when she asked me to be the photographer at her and Riley’s December wedding I was delighted! It also gave me the opportunity to work with another photographer, Riley’s cousin Matt from Las Vegas. It’s always a wonderful thing to work with fellow photographers because there is always something to learn from each other. It was such a fun day and and a beautiful wedding. Here are a few of my favorite images from the day.

Movie Posters: The Sequel.

Here are the remaining Movie Poster recreations I did with my friends Liz and Paul for their wedding reception centerpieces. We had such fun shooting these photos even though the project took us a full year because we had to wait for season changes for some! The photos were a big hit with people at the wedding and it was fun to get to do something creative and collaborative with my friends.